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History of Giertsen

Walter D. Giertsen founded the Giertsen Company in 1918. It started with restoration work that was focused around storefront glass replacement in downtown Minneapolis. As word spread of the good work and the need grew, this expanded into wind and water damage repair in many buildings around the downtown area.

During the Great Depression, Giertsen Company continued with commercial repair and expanded into the residential markets to meet the growing demand.

After World War II, the nation was growing rapidly. Schools and office buildings were cropping up more and more. Giertsen Company expanded to service these commercial properties. Home construction and ownership was also on the rise leading to significant growth into the "suburbs.� As a result, Giertsen Company began working with homeowners throughout the Twin Cities metro.

In the 1950's, Walter's son, Richard W. Giertsen, took the helm of the company. He began the heavy construction division that focused on bridge and road construction. While growth continued on the restoration side of the business, this new division worked on the expansion of the turnpike system throughout the Midwest. Projects completed in the Twin Cities included the Mendota and Lafayette bridges, in addition to the Highway 5 tunnel. Giertsen Company also completed bridges throughout the Midwest, and into Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois and developed causeways as far south as Florida.

In the 1970's Giertsen Company continued to expand and started a remodeling division to further service the growing Minnesota population. Giertsen Company's focus also shifted to major restoration construction, with the development of tornado and storm work that sought to get customers back on their feet when disaster strikes.

In the1980's Giertsen Company saw a third generation Giertsen take over the leadership role, with Richard I. Giertsen Sr. He expanded the business in step with the growing demand for restoration work throughout Minnesota. Giertsen Company continued to expand into investment and transportation divisions with Giertsen Investments, Corporate Credit, and LL Distributions. The Investment side focused on asset based lending of construction equipment. LL Distribution was set up to focus on transportation throughout the Midwest.

In the 1990's Giertsen Company saw the ascent of what became its current leadership group, which includes fourth generation family members. The company also expanded into neighboring state Wisconsin, opening a Wisconsin division that offers full service restoration throughout that state.

In the 2000's, the Giertsen Company experienced broad, unprecedented expansion. The company opened divisions in Chicago and Florida and completed disaster work in many hurricane-damaged areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and Gustav.

Today, Giertsen Company continues to grow and expand and is now able to handle restoration work throughout most of the country. Our knowledge, experience, expertise, and commitment to customer service is what got us to where we are today, and it will continue to be our calling card in the years to come.